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Fake Quilt News

The proliferation of fake news on Facebook has been in the real news lately, with highly depressing real word consequences ...
Read More - QuiltCon is like Sex

QuiltCon is Like Sex…

The first time it can be awkward and over in a flash, not quite living up to the hype. The ...
Read More - What does "modern machine quilting" mean to you?

Modern Machine Quilting – What does it mean to me?

Hello and Happy New Year! I've had quite the month healthwise (on the mend) and unfortunately my blog has been ...
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The Salty Quilter - IKWLTA - A Quilty Twist on IKEA

IKWLTA – A Quilty Twist on IKEA

The new IKEA in Canberra opens today and it is a VERY big deal for locals. I'm not one of ...
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The Salty Quilter - Modern Quilter = Modern Quilts?

Can you be a Modern Quilter but not make Modern Quilts?

My quilty friend Crystal has been hosting the fantastic Modern Quilting, Modern Women series over on her blog Raspberry Spool ...
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This One Blog Post About Quilter Clickbait Will Make you Laugh Until You Cry

This One Blog Post About Quilter Clickbait Will Make you Laugh Until You Cry

(Not really) As a general whinger about awful Facebook trends, clickbait has been a bug-bear of mine for awhile. Particularly ...
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Tangled Thread Awards

The Tangled Thread Awards

With the Emmy Awards currently in full swing, I thought I'd come up with some categories for my own awards: ...
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When your quilting fave is problematic

When Your Quilting Fave is Problematic

More and more in recent years, the bad behaviour of those we admire seems to be popping up to the ...
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sad sad baby

Poor Dennis – The World’s Saddest Male Quilter

In the May issue of Quilters Newsletter, there was a letter to the editor from Dennis. Dennis objected to Mary ...
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You can be constructive without being a Mean Girl.

Are Quilters Too Nice?

Over and over again, I've heard or read about the "kindness of quilters" from other quilters. While quilters are certainly ...
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Do not apologise for being a beginner quilter

Don’t Apologise for Being a Beginner Quilter

I’ll often see or hear new quilters apologise for being beginners, both online and in real life.   STOP APOLOGISING! ...
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