About Me

That's me!I’m Coral. I’m an American ex-pat who is now an Aussie living in Canberra Australia.
I’ve been quilting since 2010. I tend to make contemporary style quilts, while dabbling in the modern sphere. I enjoy machine quilting and have built my skills over the years.

I decided I needed a place to long form rant write about my quilting and my totally important opinions about the quilting community/industry/lifestyle.

The blog started in August 2015, but I’ve backdated my projects to the finished date.

Why so Salty?

Salty Definition: Being angry, agitated, upset.

Urban Dictionary defines “salty” as being angry, agitated or upset. Well, sometimes I’m a little salty!

Also sarcastic.

Contact Me

I have turned off comments on this blog because 99.9% of them were spam. If you want to get in touch, hit me up on Twitter or Instagram: @coralquilts

Caveat lector

All opinions, posts, and writing are mine and do not reflect the opinions of my employers past or present, or the groups I belong to.

Adult language is used on this blog. Deal with it.

Amazon Affiliate

I use Amazon Affiliate links to books or products I mention. If you buy from Amazon after clicking a link (within 24 hours), I’ll get a small percentage commission – it doesn’t cost you anything. It gives me some extra funds to buy new books or products to check out and review.