The Salty Quilter - IKWLTA - A Quilty Twist on IKEA

IKWLTA – A Quilty Twist on IKEA

The new IKEA in Canberra opens today and it is a VERY big deal for locals. I’m not one of the 15,000 people showing up for opening day (many of whom are claiming to be “sick” to get off work), but I thought I’d rework some IKEA products to take on a quilty spin or just a more honest name.

Note: this is not an IKEA hack tutorial. There are a metric shit-ton of those already on the web and I’m not touching that!

The Salty Quilter - IKWLTA - Fabric Hoarder

As most quilters will know – it’s not the size of your fabric stash that’s the problem, it’s the lack of storage. The Billy bookcase takes care of that issue.

The Salty Quilter - IKWLTA - Kinder Diztractor

I do not have kids, but from what I hear, distractions are a necessary part of getting sewing time in.

The Salty Quilter - IKWLTA - Mod Kwilt Bach

Since approximately half the modern quilts ever made use Britten Nummer fabric on the back.

The Salty Quilter - IKWLTA - Azz Resten

Every sewing room needs a comfy and pretty chair for relaxation and hand sewing. The Poäng is the classic.

The Salty Quilter - IKWLTA - Machine Rekkor

I honestly have no idea if SY thread is any good, but at A$2.99 for a four pack, I’m pretty suspicious.

The Salty Quilter - IKWLTA - Giften Cheeta

Why yes, of course I hand embroidered that cushion. 😉


I could make these all day, but we’ll leave it there for now.

Do you have any IKEA faves that you use in your sewing room? Tell me in the comments.

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11 thoughts on “IKWLTA – A Quilty Twist on IKEA

  1. Nurdan

    LOLL ? I have the billy bookcase and pretty happy with it. Also have the kids distractor but doesn’t distract my almost 4yo anymore! Have the letters backing fabric which I like. I don’t have the rest of the list but an azz rested would be nice!

    1. Coral

      My Billy actually has books and patterns on it, but I wish I had the bigger one. I too want an Azz Restor. :)

    1. Coral

      The model pictured is A$364, but their bookcases come in a bunch of different sizes. I’m a huge fan of them.

  2. Diane Rincon

    Hanging on the wall behind my cutting and pressing area I have two swing arm towel racks from ikea. They work well for keeping pressed fabric neat till it’s cut and ready to sew.

    1. Coral

      That is a great idea Diane! I use a clothes drying rack for that purpose sometimes, but it’s bulky and takes up space. Towel racks are perfect for the task and out of the way when you don’t need them.

      I use and love a bunch of different IKEA products in my sewing room as well. I’m looking forward to checking out the new store.

  3. Allison CB

    Hilarious…I am in love with Billy (bookcases that is…) I have six of them in my studio as well as many other handy IKEA aids (the spice jars are great button jars!)