The Salty Quilter - IKWLTA - A Quilty Twist on IKEA

IKWLTA – A Quilty Twist on IKEA

The new IKEA in Canberra opens today and it is a VERY big deal for locals. I’m not one of the 15,000 people showing up for opening day (many of whom are claiming to be “sick” to get off work), but I thought I’d rework some IKEA products to take on a quilty spin or just a more honest name.

Note: this is not an IKEA hack tutorial. There are a metric shit-ton of those already on the web and I’m not touching that!

The Salty Quilter - IKWLTA - Fabric Hoarder

As most quilters will know – it’s not the size of your fabric stash that’s the problem, it’s the lack of storage. The Billy bookcase takes care of that issue.

The Salty Quilter - IKWLTA - Kinder Diztractor

I do not have kids, but from what I hear, distractions are a necessary part of getting sewing time in.

The Salty Quilter - IKWLTA - Mod Kwilt Bach

Since approximately half the modern quilts ever made use Britten Nummer fabric on the back.

The Salty Quilter - IKWLTA - Azz Resten

Every sewing room needs a comfy and pretty chair for relaxation and hand sewing. The Poäng is the classic.

The Salty Quilter - IKWLTA - Machine Rekkor

I honestly have no idea if SY thread is any good, but at A$2.99 for a four pack, I’m pretty suspicious.

The Salty Quilter - IKWLTA - Giften Cheeta

Why yes, of course I hand embroidered that cushion. 😉


I could make these all day, but we’ll leave it there for now.

Do you have any IKEA faves that you use in your sewing room? Tell me in the comments.