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Poor Dennis – The World’s Saddest Male Quilter

In the May issue of Quilters Newsletter, there was a letter to the editor from Dennis. Dennis objected to Mary Fons using “her” as the default pronoun for quilters.

Dennis is so sad  :(

Everyone shed a tear for Dennis. Hear the tune of the world’s smallest violin.

Poor Dennis has had to deal with the world not catering to “him” as a default. So so sad.

Laid low by the matriarchy
Because of course it was women who callously shut out men from quilting. Certainly not men who shame other men for not being manly enough. Or denigrate anything traditionally feminine as merely a domestic craft, unworthy of artistic merit.

The matriarchy
Clearly a despicable case of reverse sexism.

A single tear rolls down my cheek...
Thank you Dennis for fighting this insidious maltreatment.

Clint says yes
(Standard #NotAllMen caveat: the male quilters I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with have been lovely, progressive people who wouldn’t make such asinine complaints.)

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