The Salty Quilter - Zen - Finished quilt


General Info

Start Date  Nov 8, 2014
Finish Date  Dec 14, 2014
Status  Finished
Size  Single Bed/Lap
Pattern  Zen pattern and kit from KimoYes
What it’s for  Gift for friend suffering from cancer.
Batting  Matilda’s Own Cotton

Quilt Top Notes/Techniques

Vintage Japanese yukata fabric kit from KimoYES. The original pattern was for a blue border around the blocks and white sashing/outer borders. I swapped them.

I cut the borders for the blocks a bit wider so I could trim them down to the perfect size.

Quilting Notes/Techniques

Quilted by Gone Aussie Quilting with a large Baptist Fan pattern.

Progress Pictures

The Salty Quilter - Zen - Yukata fabric

The Salty Quilter - Zen - Blocks trimmed

The Salty Quilter - Zen - Block layout

The Salty Quilter - Zen - Quilt top

The Salty Quilter - Zen - Label

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2 thoughts on “Zen

  1. Henny

    I love how you swapped the blue and white around. I’m about to start this quilt and I think I’ll do the same! What color thread did you use to sew the blocks and did you pre wash the prints?

    1. Coral

      I used white thread when putting the borders around the blocks, then navy for the rest of the quilt.
      I did pre-wash. I did the Japanese fabrics by hand in my laundry sink, and the regular fabrics on the washer and dried both on the line.
      Have fun with this quilt. It’s such a beautiful result with only a little effort.