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The Salty Quilter - Painted Poppies - Finished

Painted Poppies

General Info

Start Date  Sep 1, 2013
Finish Date  Sep 20, 2013
Status  Finished
Size  Wall hanging
Pattern  Poppies by Helen Godden
What it’s for  My house
Batting  ?

Quilt Top Notes/Techniques

Class by Helen Godden at Hobbysew Belconnen. Her poppies design, traced and painted by me. It was done using Genesis Creations Liquid Radiance pigment. It was similar to doing watercolour. Used salt to get splotchy effect on border.

Quilting Notes/Techniques

Flowers outlined in black thread quilted over at least twice.

Progress Pictures

The Salty Quilter - Painted Poppies - in progress