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Fake Quilt News

The proliferation of fake news on Facebook has been in the real news lately, with highly depressing real word consequences. Since fake news is like click bait on steroids, I thought it would be appropriate to make up some fake quilt news headlines. I’m not the first – QuiltingSewingCreating was on top of this weeks ago, but I couldn’t stop thinking of fake headlines.

Mary Fons trying to take away Quilters’ Rotary Cutters

Futurama Fry is shocked

Modern Quilt Guild to no longer allow Quilts with Squares and Rectangles at QuiltCon

Aladin Iago Not Surprise

Aurifil Thread so Expensive because it’s Woven with the Hair of Italian Children

Patrick SpongeBob jaw drop

Shocking Result: Every Member of Ridiculously Long Quilt-a-Long finishes on Time

Robert Downey Junior wide eyes

English Paper Piecing ruled Un-American

Kanye head shake

*These headlines are fake. Seriously. You’ve been warned. Use your critical thinking skills.*

What do they teach in schools these days?

Have you thought of any fake quilt news headlines? Let me know in the comments.